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Consultancy Services


The Agency is mandated to provide consultancy services in the areas of its competence to
public bodies, government departments, agencies, private bodies and individuals.
Areas of competency where consultancy service is to be provided include the following:

Procurement means, purchasing, renting, leasing or otherwise acquisition of goods, works or services by
Procuring entity and includes all functions that pertain to the obtaining of any goods, works or services
including description of requirements, invitation and selection of tenders, preparation and award of contracts.
The specific areas where consultancy can be undertaken include the following:
i.  To carry out selection of consultants on behalf of Procuring entities to undertake various assignments
ii.  To undertake procurement process for goods, works and services and award contract to suppliers, contractors and service providers on behalf of Procuring entities
iii.  Preparation of Procurement manual and guidelines for internal use
iv.  Preparation of Annual Procurement Plan (APP)
v.   Preparation of tender documents
vi.  Conduct of  evaluation
vii.  Provide expertise on the application of Public Procurement Act, 2011 and its regulations of 2013 in the public procurement
viii.  Provide expertise on how to fill a responsive bids
ix.  Preparation of tender documents for disposal of assets
Supplies and inventory management covers a wide range of activities from warehouse design to disposal of the
procured materials. The specific activities that can be performed under consultancy services include the following:-

i.    Preparation of stores regulations and guidelines
ii.   Inventory coding and identification
iii.   Conduct training on the supplies and inventory management

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