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Business Support Services Division


To provide expertise and services on Administration, Human Resources Management, Finance and Accounts, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Marketing & Sales and Estates management to the Agency.


(i)  To provide strategic inputs and services on Administration and Human Resources Management Services such as recruitment, Human resources development and training, promotion, retention, motivation, performance management and staff welfare;

(ii)  To provide advice on organizational efficiency of the agency and business process improvement;

(iii)  To provide technical advice on finance and accounts, information communication technology, estate management and marketing and sales; and

(iv)  To promote Agency’s programs and activities.

(v)  Coordinates Strategic Planning and Budgeting in the Agency.

(vi)  Establish and implement financial and physical resources management system.

(vii)  Ensuring Cross-cutting Issues are addressed in the Strategic Plans

(viii)  Ensuring effective use of Physical and financial resources.

(ix)  Maintains the Agency’s Management Information System.

(x)  Oversee Marketing and Public Relations Issues

(xi)  Developing and Managing the Agency Database and Information

This Division comprises of five sections as follows:

(i)    Finance and Accounts Section,

(ii)   Administration and Human Resources Management  Section;

(iii)   Information and Communication Technology  Section;

(iv)  Marketing and Sales Section; and

(v)   Estates Management Section


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