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GPSA new ministerial advisory board Inaugurated

Published in News Monday, 30 January 2017 13:33
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The Deputy Minister for Finance and Planning, Honorable Dr. Ashatu Kijaji has directed all Public Institutions to procure their Common Use Items and Services (CUIS) through Government Procurement Services Agency; aiming is to control the misuse of Government Funds.


The Deputy Minister said, GPSA should facilitate the value for money from every purchases made by the public institutions. She also said; ‘’Procurement is a key area for the controlling misuse of public funds because government earmarked about 70 percent for purchasing’’ The directive was made during the inauguration of MAB which was made on 05th January, 2017 in Dar es Salaam. 

Dr.Ashatu Kijaji urged the new Board to come up with measures, which would facilitate the government to attain the goal for the year 2016/2017 fiscal year to achieve its objective of controlling the procurement of common use items and services; also she directed the MAB to conduct a study; why some public institutions still do not use GPSA in procurement.

She was pointing out; procurement had been used to tap the public funds. ‘Previously a car costing 40m/- would be purchased at 80m/-. We do not want such cases to happen again. It’s your role now to restore trust to the public on the use of public funds,’’ observed the deputy minister. She noted that as the government was determined to control misuse of public funds.

Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Jacob Kibona said; for the financial year of 2014/2015 GPSA saved 3.6bn/- on procurement of 433 vehicles, 40 motorcycles for 88 public institutions in which the government spent over 65.7bn/- for the purchase. Furthermore Mr. Kibona said that; the government has also saved 382m/-, which would be spent by public institutions in tendering processes,’’

On the collection of revenue Mr. Kibona reported; since the establishment of GPSA, earnings had increased from 492.3m/- in 2007/2009 financial year to 7.5bn/- in 2015/2016. In the financial year of 2016/2017, GPSA did not receive funds from the government to run its activities, instead it uses its internal sources of fund,’’ he said.

Acting CEO also said; GPSA plans to put up its warehouses and petrol stations in Geita, Njombe and Simiyu regions, saying the Agency had already acquired plots in the regions to carry out the projects. The aim of constructing storage facilities and petrol stations in the regions is to improve the GPSA activities to serve public institutions countrywide he said.

Lastly new chairman of GPSA Advisory Board, Prof Palamagamba Kabudi, articulated gratitude to President John Magufuli for trusting them for the appointment; he promised that; the board will help the government embezzlement of public funds accurately.

The inaugurated Board which is to serve for a period of three years consists of the chairmanship of Prof. Palamagamba J.M. Kabudi, Senior Lecturer at the University of Dar-es-Salaam,; Other members are Dr.Fredrick Asumile Mwakibinga.Dr.Daimas Lucas Nyaoro, Mr.Sixbert Hharm Qamdiyei,Ms.Elizabeth Jacktan Nyambibo and Mr.Sebastian Ndandala.

Appointed members of Ministerial Advisory Board of GPSA in a group photo with guest of honour Hon. Dr. Ashatu Kijaji (seated center). 


Appointed members of Ministerial Advisory Board of GPSA in a group photo with guest of honour Hon. Dr. Ashatu Kijaji (seated center).

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