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The history, functions and achievement of the Agency

The CEO of the Agency share the brief history of the Agency which goes back to 1901 when the German colonial rule established the first Depot (Government Stores)

Posted On: Feb 22, 2020

Extension of services to Katavi Region

The Agency has continued to extend its services through various area of the country but more recently the Agency has established offices and started offering of services to Katavi Region, Kahama and Ileje sales point.

Posted On: Feb 22, 2020

Get to know the Agency Functions and Services: Documentary TBC 1

Media engagement purposely to inform/educate different stakeholders groups about a functions and services provided by the Agency

Posted On: Feb 21, 2020

Clearing and Forwarding Services by GPSA

The Agency has fully been mandated to implement the customs clearing agent and forwarding function which provide for high quality clearing and forwarding services to a number of Government and Non Government institutions within Tanzania.

Posted On: Feb 21, 2020