Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania


Ununuzi Unaozingatia Thamani

Clearing and Forwarding Services

The following procedures are to be followed in order to access the service;
1. Submission of necessary documents by Consignee (Client);
2. Preparation of bill for disbursement of associated costs by Government Clearing and Forwarding Agent
3. Payment of the bill by the Consignee (Client)
4. Clearance of Consignment by Government Clearing and Forwarding Agent
5. Collection and delivery of Consignment (by Client or Government Clearing and Forwarding Agent upon agreement)

NB: The following are the necessary documents to effect the process;
i. Authorization letter from the importer
ii. Bill of Lading/Airway Bill
iii. Final Commercial invoice
iv. Certificate of Origin
v. Packing List
vi. Copy of Tax Identification Number (TIN) certificate
vii. Export Certificate and related local permits required e.g Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Authority (TMDA), Government Chemist Laboratory Authority (GCLA) permit, Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), Tropical Pesticides Research Institute (TPRI) etc.
viii. Pre-shipment Verification of Conformity to Standards (P.V.O.C)

ix. VAT exemption if any.

Note: If these documents are submitted on time that is at least two (2) and at least seven (7) working days for airport and sea port consignment respectively, before the consignment arrival date, Government Clearing and Forwarding Agent may clear the consignment within three (3) and within seven (7) days to clear the consignment from the airport and sea port respectively. However nature of the consignment may delay the process. Nonetheless for emergency consignment through the airport may be cleared within one day.

Our office is located along Bandari Road Port area, Kurasini Temeke District.

Government Clearing and Forwarding Agent,
P.O. Box 9150,
Telephone Numbers: +255222118869
Fax: +255 22 2118869
Hotline: + 255 752 347411
E-mail: governmentclearing@gpsa.go.tz