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Ununuzi Unaozingatia Thamani

Get Fuel Services

The following are the procedure to be followed by the Procuring Entities for Procurement of Fuel for motor vehicles, motor cycles and plants;

  1. The Procuring Entity should submit a letter of request to procure fuel from the Agency;
  2. The submitted letter (i) should identify three or more signatory who are staff of the Procuring Entity requesting to procure goods or service from the Agency. The signatory will be responsible for signing of all documents related to requesting and receiving of fuel from the Agency;
  3. The submitted letter communicating the appointed signatory of the Procuring Entity should also bear their names, passport size photograph, specimen for signature and mobile number;
  4. The Procuring Entity will be responsible to buy a CRIN book (Combined Requisition and Issue Note) at a price of TZS 12,800/= from the Agency. The CRIN book will be used to request for bill, request for fuel procured from the Agency;
  5. Any request of service or goods to be procured from the Agency should be submitted through the CRIN book and signed by the two appointed signatory communicated (iii) above;
  6. For fuel services the Procuring Entities will be required to deposit the amount of money equivalent to the amount of bill given before the service being offered;
  7. All requests related to procurement of stores to Agency will be issued through CRIN.

Issued by;

Marketing and Communication Unit,

Government Procurement Services Agency, (GPSA)

11 February, 2019