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    Bulk Procurement of Vehicles

The Agency is also vested with the function of bulk procurement of motor vehicle, motor cycles and plants for Government institutions. The implementation of this function is guided by the Public Procurement Act section (50) and the Treasury Circular No.3 of 2014/2015 both the two instruments insist on the efficiency of procurement process and reduction of procurement transaction. The Treasury circular directed the Permanent Secretaries, Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS), Heads of Independents Departments, Heads of Institutions and Agency, City Directors and District Executive Directors to submit their requirements of procurement of motor vehicle, motor cycles and plants after approval from the Prime Minister’s Office and obtaining relevant specifications from the Ministry of Works, Communication and Transport to GPSA for procurement processes.

For more information and enquires about the service please contact

Ms. Warda Midasi
Supplies Assistant
Mobile: +255 712568111
Email: warda.midasi@gpsa.go.tz